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Dream about Bojary

Go to - Dream about Bojary

Show time-laps animation "Dream about Bojary" from the Animation Studio and Film Youth Culture, under artistic patroness Elwira Małyszko.

27 november 2015
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Triple Portrait - album promotion

Go to - Triple Portrait - album promotion

The final part of the project "Triple Portrait" - promote an album, showing the most interesting photos and texts: transcripts of all conversations with local people, fragments of the “travel diary”.

30 october 2015
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Route 816

Go to - Route 816

Publisher of the book - Foundation Sąsiedzi and the Ludwik Zamenhof Center invite you to a meeting with Michał Książek.

25 november 2015
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See somebody else

Go to - See somebody else

During the seminar, there will be workshops "Understanding stereotypes" targeted to high school students and anthropological films from the festival 35. NAFA (Nordic Anthropological Film Association) titled "Images of cultural diversity and heritage"

5 november 2015
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Genius vestigii

Go to - Genius vestigii

The meeting devoted to Mariusz Hermanowicz, a Polish photographer whose exhibition "Game of Time" can be seen on 09.10-22.11.2015 at CLZ.

23 october 2015
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