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Women’s Voting Rights

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Women gained electoral rights in Poland earlier than the citizens of Great Britain and the United States.

23 november - 30 december 2018
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Nature, Integration, Art

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NIKE association has been organising summer art classes "Nature, Integration, Art" for 20 year.

26 october - 10 november 2018
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Patriotic songs class

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Let's sing together patriotic songs in the Polish and Esperanto languages!

14 october 2018
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Dolls of Majdanek

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A doll could be so many things: a source of comfort, a friend, a reminder of the outside world or a person far away.

5 october - 7 december 2018
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New plans of the LZC Media Gallery

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Thanks to the funds from the MCNH, by the end of 2019 at least 50 consecutive reports and 3,000 digitized archives will have been prepared.

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