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Ludwik Animated vol. 3

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We invite you to the third edition of extraordinary workshops! We will take you on a journey through modern Bialystok in the footsteps of Ludwik Zamenhof

17 - 21 july 2017
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Rzeszów Klezmer Band

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We invite you to spend the evening with Klezmer music in the arrangements of Rzeszów Klezmer Band.

21 july 2017
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Music of Spheres

Go to - Music of Spheres

Music of Spheres is a fusion of ancient and modern sounds: acoustic and electronic.

11 august 2017
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Zol zajn

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Concert commemorating the 74th anniversary of the Białystok Ghetto uprising outbreak

16 august 2017
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Colourful summer holiday

Go to - Colourful summer holiday

Holiday is getting closer and closer, and - as you know - during the holiday it’s best to have fun and rest. We invite you to the workshops based on our exhibitions, because we care, that you could broaden your knowledge and develop imagination.

19 june - 28 july 2017
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