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Temporary exhibitions

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Nature, Integration, Art

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NIKE Association for Disabled Artists has been organising summer art classes “Nature, Integration, Art” in Kukle for over 20 years.

7 november - 1 december 2019
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The word may lie, but not the eye

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The exhibition presents the works of the avantgarde artists like Karol Hiller, Janusz Maria Brzeski, Kazimierz Podsadecki, Stefan Themerson and the works of the photographers who, to some extent, used a modern language in photos but were still under influence of the pictorial aesthetics.

27 september - 27 october 2019
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Go to - Photoreturns

During five photographic plein-airs in the city space, workshop participants learned about the history of Białystok and its resident.

28 august - 15 september 2019
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APE Graduation Works

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Students of the Academy of Photography and Entrepreneurship deeply analyse the problems they are taking.

9 - 25 august 2019
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Rina Nikova – Biblical Ballerina

Go to - Rina Nikova – Biblical Ballerina

The current exhibition is Nikova’s return to her native Białystok.

19 july - 15 september 2019
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