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Temporary exhibitions

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Go to - Doctor ESPERANTO

The exhibition “Doctor ESPERANTO. Comic book about Ludwik Zamenhof” is an attempt to familiarize the public with the person of Ludwik Zamenhof. The displayed panels come from the book published by the Ludwik Zamenhof Centre in 2014.

20 may - 31 december 2017
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What’s under “Z”?

Go to - What’s under “Z”?

An exhibition about the turbulent life and works of Antoni Głowadzki (1889-1932), an Esperantist, painter, and traveller born in Przemyśl. At the exhibition you will view his works from his time in Białystok, memorabilia, and the unfinished draft of the illustrated Esperanto dictionary.

16 june - 30 july 2017
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brings together grief and joy

Go to - brings together grief and joy

An exhibition inspired with traditional folk papercutting The works create a series using projections of buildings from Białystok and the region

9 june - 30 july 2017
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Esperanto in philately

Go to - Esperanto in philately

We invite you to the philatelic exhibition from the collections of Mieczysław Marczak and Franciszek Skrypko.

12 april - 21 may 2017
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Go to - Aleksiada

The “Aleksiada” project was created in 2016 thanks to the “Gaude Polonia” scholarship that was granted to the Belarusian photographer Aleksander Weledzimowicz by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. By that means a book that was the origin of the exhibition was created.

15 march - 28 may 2017
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