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"Białystok Photographers. In front of and behind the Lens 1915-1939" available for download

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We recommend the publication about the Białystok photographers. It’s bilingual, in Polish and English. You can download it from here: (PL, PDF) [157 MB].

Over 200 photographs of old Białystok and its inhabitants, as well as texts by outstanding authors and experts in regional history (Małgorzata Dolistowska, Marek Gajewski, Jerzy Górko, Jolanta Szczygieł-Rogowska and Wiesław Wróbel) can be seen in “Białystok Photographers. In front of and behind the Lens”. The album will introduce readers to the fascinating life of the city and its community, from the moment of regaining independence to its loss.

Archival photos have become a pretext for insight into various manifestations of the social and moral life of Białystokers and to show the face of the city and society of those years.

The photographs in the book come from private collections (roughly half belongs to Mieczysław Marczak), cultural institutions, archives, associations and own resources of the publisher, collected as part of the CLZ Media Library – archive of oral history of the city and the region. The publication is addressed to all lovers of the past, who want to gain or broaden their knowledge about their city.

Partner: Army Museum in Bialystok
Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage from the Culture Promotion Fund