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The Ludwik Zamenhof Centre in Białystok derives its aims and mission from the ideas of its Patron. Ludwik Zamenhof was convinced that the principal cause of disputes and misunderstandings between people are, what we would nowadays call, disturbances in communication. His remedy for this problem was a new language, a universal communication platform. That is how Esperanto was created. Obviously, his ideas were the foundation for the modern thinking about cooperation and understanding which goes beyond ethnic, religious, historical, cultural and geographic divisions. Zamenhof envisioned a world in which we currently live, at least in the sphere of ideals. He longed for a multinational community, which would give the opportunity to communicate effectively, to exchange information, ideas, technology, to develop economic and cultural cooperation, while, at the same time preserving local communities and their uniqueness.

The Ludwik Zamenhof Centre in Białystok intends to become a place of gathering and dialog for cultural and ethnic “melting pot” of the Podlasie and Kresy regions. Our dream is that the Centre becomes a Centre for Dialog and Intercultural Education, not only in its ideas, but also in its solid, everyday operation.