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“Uchwyty 1948-2014” available for download

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We recommend the 2014 album about the Factory of Tooling and Chucks in Białystok. It’s bilingual, in Polish and English. You can download it from here: (PL, PDF) [194 MB].

The idea of the book started in 2011. Someone saw “Bojary”, a book published by the Ludwik Zamenhof Centre. A question was asked: “Could you do the same book about the Factory of Tooling and Chucks?” Soon after, we contacted the Bison-Bial S.A., the Uchwyty project then started.

The first step was archiving. Under an agreement with the Bison-Bial S.A., we had received hundreds of negatives from the factory’s photo laboratories. That began the consuming process of scanning and storing negatives. Among the thousands of frames, we picked hundreds and sorted them by subject. This material had formed a work version of the album.

The negatives mostly were not described, and if it was, very briefly and not always in an understandable way. We needed people’s assistance, who could remember. Ludwik Zamenhof Center team began recording interviews with former and current employees of the factory. We showed the draft version of the album for the recorded people to get help with identifying images.

We hope that results of our work will meet with a favorable reception.