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Trash Drugs And Male Bonding

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Karol Grygoruk
exhibition of the Emigrated
opening: 08.05.2015 (Friday) from 6 pm to 8 pm
exhibition open until 14.06.2015

Trash Drugs And Male Bonding

Today's pictures are mixed with archival photographs, analog with digital and inspiration from the past with pop culture fascination. Destroyed the works become part of the new projects. The process is endless, and the exhibition is only a brief moment of detention and an opportunity to review the work of Karol Grygoruk made over the last years.

Presented large-format prints, photocopied collages, covered with paint and markers have nothing in common with the classic photography. And while it has starting point in it. Processed, copied many times, focusing on the revolt against traditional aesthetic canons. Inspired magazines of 90s, subcultures and movements contrculture, show fascination with the aesthetics of error and the analog post-production techniques. Intimate photos of friends and family that have undergone artistic processing, like a street posters and perform a information function, mixing the private sphere whit the public message. Author exhibition paraphrases written in 1980, the first essay Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth's lead singer) with the same title. Is self-reflection on the presentation of gender roles in culture and art. The exhibition take us into the personal world of Karol Grygoruk where by blurring the boundaries - forms, themes and canons - reveals his inspirations, experiences and private life.

Karol Grygoruk

'85 born in Warsaw, raised on blocks of flats in Bialystok. Graduate Institute of Applied Social Sciences, Warsaw University and the Institute of Creative Photography in Opava. Associated with the agency ShootMe. He teaches at the Academy of Photography in Warsaw. Photographed, among others to Levis, Dickies, Vans, Manto, Straight, Sinsay, Nike, SonyBMG, RedBull, 4F and magazines such as ID, Vice, Kmag, Harper's Bazaar, Viva, Elle. He likes dogs. He does not like when players football go fouls. He does not like football at all


Serie of exhibitions presenting silhouette of young artists from Bialystok, who went to study art beyond hometown. Since 2012, the CLZ presented their exhibitions, including Paul Iwaniuk, Adam Romuald Kłodecki, Rafal Siderski, Patrick Chwastek, Robert chatter, Paul Naumowicz.