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Temporary exhibitions

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Trash Drugs And Male Bonding

Go to - Trash Drugs And Male Bonding

The exhibition is only a brief moment of detention and an opportunity to review the work of Karol Grygoruk made over the last years.

8 may - 7 june 2015
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Places. Reconstruction - Tadeusz Rolke

Go to - Places. Reconstruction - Tadeusz Rolke

Tadeusz Rolke exhibition in Ludwik Zamenhof Center is his first individual show in Białystok and probably will make viewers feel life's incessant curiosity - utrwalanym hot, true, and sometimes with a certain distance and a sense of transience, present in his work.

10 april - 7 june 2015
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Prologue - Paweł Naumowicz

Go to - Prologue - Paweł Naumowicz

The exhibition presents the artwork of Paweł Naumowicz that come from the period of the last few years. Part of the work refers to the journey undertaken by the Artist in Europe and the United States.

27 february - 19 april 2015
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Religion in the comic

Go to - Religion in the comic

With the exhibition Religion in the comic plunge into the abyss of time, traverse the galaxy, visit the saints in moments of mystical ecstasy, visit the paradise (and hell!). Sometimes you smile, sometimes zamyślimy, and above all know the rich world of imagination of comic artists.

7 november 2014 - 18 january 2015
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Christmas traditions

Go to - Christmas traditions

Christmas themes are present in the painting, also in Polish, from the early Middle Ages. In the initial phase dominated by images of scenes from the gospels and apocrypha. The centrality of the composition took Child in the manger, and next to him, Mary and Joseph.

28 november 2014 - 4 january 2015
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