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Temporary exhibitions

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Graduation exhibition listeners AFiP

Go to - Graduation exhibition listeners AFiP

Theses listeners Academy of Photography and Entrepreneurship in Bialystok is a summary and culmination of two years of training in school majoring in photography.

1 august - 12 october 2014
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Ceramic Bialystok

Go to - Ceramic Bialystok

This series of eight sets of ceramic tiles, inspired by historic and contemporary architecture Bialystok.

25 july - 28 september 2014
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Wooden synagogues

Go to - Wooden synagogues

Archival photographs from the early twentieth century "Wooden synagogues".

18 july - 24 august 2014
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A fish rots from the head down

Go to - A fish rots from the head down

A fish rots from the head down is an exhibition which hides both the secret and anxiety. The artworks figuratively shows human nature. Images from the border of dreams are characterized by strong contrasts, playing with light, shadow and by various invoices.

30 may - 13 july 2014
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Experiment Yourself!

Welcome to the exhibition "Experiment Yourself!" with the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw. The exhibition consists of several interactive experimental stands. Everyone will be able to make experiments from physics, biology and math. 

29 may - 3 june 2014
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