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Jewish papercutting

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/X Jewish Culture Festival "Zakhor-Color and Sound"
June 12th, 2017 (Monday)
host: Joanna Matyjasek
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Joanna Matyjasek is a trained science and maths teacher, by avocation, an artist specializing in handicraft, such as jewellery, ornaments made of felt, and papercutting. Her works are kept in private collections, among others, in the USA, Denmark, and Israel. She is also a moderator of Polish-Israeli meetings, a Holocaust educator, and an active member of the Lublin Jewish community.

The first mention of Jewish papercutting comes from the 14th century Castile. Over time, they reached more and more corners of the world. They appeared where Orthodox Jewish communities existed. As specialists say, this art field is inseparable from the Jewish religious tradition.


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