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Musical Sabbath

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/X Jewish Culture Festival "Zakhor-Color and Sound"
June 9th, 2017 (Friday), 7 PM
concert: Mojše Band with Rabbi Tanya Segal
Kabalat Szabat
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Mojše Band interprets old Jewish songs, which are rooted in Slovak culture. Their name originates from Slovak Klezmers. Their songs mix the Klezmer and Slovak traditions into a consistent, harmonious musical picture. In addition, the musicians enrich their performances with ethno, world music, and jazz.

Kabalat Szabat (hebr. and yid. – קבלת שבת) – “reception of the Shabbat”, taking place on Friday night. During the ceremony some psalms are sung, the Song of the Songs is read, the Shabbat candles are lit. Then there is a Sabbath dinner.

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