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Nativity play in CLZ

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Christmas stories from around the world
/narrative spectacle - Group Studnia O.
12.06.2016 (Tuesday) at 12 am nad 2 pm

talk: Beata Frankowska and Jarek Kaczmarek
music: Gwidon Cybulski (ethnic instruments: balafon, ngoni, didjeridoo) and Robert Lipka (accordion)

duration: 70-90 min
age: 9-12 years
records: 85 6767367
free entrance

You will meet the Giant Stallo from Lapland, bear and trolls from Dovree, mysterious guest from Wales and well known Santa Claus. You will listen the sound of balaphone, ngoni, didjeridoo and accordion. You will know the stories of Christmas from around the world and you sing Christmas carols, which also come from various countries and cultures. It's all in one Nativity play, which was prepared from Group Studnia O., the best storytellers and singers.

The source of the stories of Group Studnia O. is rich and diverse from tradition of oral literature: fairy tales, myths and epics from different cultures. Activity storytellers is not an attempt to reconstruct the ancient practice telling the faithful reproduction of traditional narrative. The art of storytelling treated as an individual work of art, inspired by tradition, but in a context of modernity. The practice of storytelling combined with extensive animation activity and education. The story weave music, movement, light. They allow participants not only to know the magical world of stories from around the world, but also run the imagination, emotion, sensitivity.