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/album promotion
Rynek Kościuszki, 22.08.2015, at 4 pm
free entrance

The album "Lowlanders" was based on a series of interviews with the players Bialystok American football team under the new recording path Mediateka CLZ - micro-communities. During the project, it soon became clear that we will find out not only who he is runingback, whose role is to "kill" the quarterback, and whose to prevent this from happening. We met also look at issues of life and death through the eyes doctor making its first professional steps in the Oncology Center, or the excitement of a young father when he first hears the word "dad" in paragraph son.

It all meant that we decided to show the players Lowlanders Bialystok, not only as athletes pertaining better results in American football, but also - and perhaps primarily - from the second, more private side.


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