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Ceramic Bialystok

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/Paulina Horba 
Opening: 25.07.2014 (Friday) at 6 pm - 8 pm

This series of eight sets of ceramic tiles, inspired by historic and contemporary architecture Bialystok. The artist focuses on ornamentation. The starting point of each work is original detail that is copyright processing, once the initial shape is simplified, brought to "the essence of form" - another time enriched individual design. For each transformation lies an emotion, a desire to extract a deeper meaning or need aesthetisation. Tiles are made the traditional way: squeezed using a plaster mold, dried, fired, glazed in the finals. Labor-intensive technology and manual execution meant that every job is unique - each is a record of emotional sensitivity, aesthetic tastes and personality of artists.

Paulina Horba 
A graduate of the School of Art in Supraśl, thesis defended in 2012 at the Department of Sculpture and Spatial Measures University of Arts in Poznan in prof. Slawomir Brzoska. Since 2014, a teacher of sculpture at  the School of Art in Supraśl. The organizer of the workshop of creative activity for children and adults.

The exhibition was organized as part of a scholarship from the Mayor of Białystok 


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