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Grzegorz Zygier: Twoone Next

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/exhibition within the Białystok Interphoto Festival 2021
exhibition opening: September 24, 2021, 20:00
exhibition open until October 24, 2021 from 10:00 to 17:00 (except Mondays)
free admission

“The Twoone series was directly inspired by The Original Set from the 80’s, which just like diptychs, creates “perceptual anxiety”. When Twoone was first exhibited in 2007, a few tendencies emerged. The first tendency showed overexposure of the shot and its changed position, which continued to develop the idea behind The original Set but was also parallel with the visualism and the “rudimentary photography”. Between 2009-2010, Zygier created the Twoone Sea series which highlights the power and reality of an abstract image. The artist combined the calmness of waves with the harmony of the sky and water, in a diagonal form. 2011 resulted in the series Twoone Moons, presenting the round shape and texture of the title moons overlapping each other.In the 2013 series Twoone Pyramidii, the artist used various compositions, ranging from flat geometrical structure to a diagonal diamond made of pyramids. 2018 brought another series called Twoone Ilk, which presented a new vision bordering on bas relief and typography. This naturally leads to a comparison with the alphabet by Wladyslaw Strzemiński and other experiments from the interwar period, when it was believed that the concept of art lies in the language.”
Krzysztof Jurecki

Grzegorz Zygier
Grzegorz Zygier — photographer, performer, video artist, ZPAF member since 1987, graduate of Cracow University of Technology. In 1981 and 1982, he was a member of SEM Creative Group, in 1982-88 he collaborated with Kitty Culture artistic movement, as well as with independent magazines ‘Tango’ and ‘Hali Gali’. He documented and participated in artistic events, meetings, and open airs, such as Teofilów, Silent Cinema, We Salute Art Bureaucrats, Festival of Necessary Art, and others. In 1990, he joined Adam Rzepecki and Katarzyna Pochrzęst to create ‘Pi Station. Station’ formation which engaged in stage plays, video art and performance, gaining notoriety for its spectacular appearances in Cracow Theatrical Reminiscences. In 2002, he returned to analytical and conceptual photography realised in the Twoone series. In 1988, he was awarded with the creator scholarship of the City of Cracow, and 2009 the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.