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/chinese calligraphy workshops
29.07.2015 (Wednesday), at 5.30 pm to 7 pm

price: 10 zł
The number of places is limited
Registration and information: 85 67 67 367

CLZ and Krzysztof Szubzda has prepared unusual workshops for adults on summer! Complete silence, peace and contemplation meeting with an extremely ephemeral art - Chinese calligraphy, using a big brush and ... water.

In addition to the mute, it will be also an opportunity to meet with the fascinating secrets of one of the oldest writings in the world and see that is not all that complicated. Especially since we will not get to know them in the form of lectures, but relaxing chat over tea - of course Chinese.

As a "stationery" will serve us big brushes on long sticks and a bucket of water. Paint will be on the terrace TBN.

Fundamentals of Chinese calligraphy will present Krzysztof Szubzda. Białostocki satirist will show this time his little-known face - a passionate culture of the Land of Dragons.

Workshops are an ideal choice for all who want to break away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and momentum of the summer heat. To introduce the idea of ​​a meeting, you should know one of the many teachings of Confucius:

Confucius studied the wodospadowi on the river Luliang. It falls from a height of 200 feet, and the foam produced by it reaches a distance of 15 miles. Nothing even scaled creature, will be able to survive in such conditions.

Confucius saw a old man, falling under the stream of water. Thinking that the old man ran into trouble and intends to complete the ordered life of one of the students to the banks ran and tried to save him. The old man emerged some 100 feet away and with her hair dripping headed the banks happily singing. Confucius followed him, and when he caught up, he asked:

- I thought, Lord, that you are a ghost, but now I see before me a man. Tell me by his grace that you have a way for it, so to cope with water?

- I have no way - he said - immerse yourself into and together with him to emerge. I adapt to the water and not water to each other. Thus, I advise you to deal with it.

Krzysztof Szubzda
cabaret actor, comedian, announcer, a lawyer, writer and journalist. Cabaret career began in Bialystok group "Widelec" in 1995. Appeared in Cabaret "Hrabi" in 2002-2003. He took second place at the Tournament liars in Bogatynia in 2001. It is one of the pioneers of Polish audio description, which is engaged in since 2006. His first audiodescription film were "Statyści", feature film shown in the cinema "Pokój" for blind people in Białystok.


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