Białostocki Ośrodek Kultury

Summer in the CLZ

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July-August 2015

Travelling is the perfect way to vacation in the CLZ can choose to travel without leaving your town! We invite you to:
- The Sky trek at the exhibition "Awesome holidays"
- A great adventure at the workshop "Flying drones and airplanes" and "Models of airplanes - do it yourself".
- Natural-historical expedition "Flowers of history"
- Full of fun things to do during the VI CLZ Birthday,
- Discovering secrets and charms of Bialystok monuments and sculptures in the monumental quest,
- And even on a journey in time, through the exhibition "Bialystok young Zamenhof".
We also prepared for you a relaxation area - Games and Play Room and a Media gallery CLZ.

Awesome holidays
/temporary exhibition

Since antiquity, man wanted to rise to the skies and reach the sky. It's a big dream reflected in the myths and legends of almost all civilizations! Leonardo da Vinci tried to build a flying machine already in the fifteenth century., But the age-old dream of man managed to carry out only in 1903. Flight thanks to the brothers Oliver and Wilbur Wright. Launched in the twentieth century. Development of aviation is still ongoing. Although flying and airplanes have become part of everyday life, it continues to fascinate new generations of people! Aviation strongly marked its presence also in Białystok - local flying club soon will celebrate 70th anniversary.
The exhibition at the TBN waiting for you more than 100 copies of model airplanes that arose in the twentieth century. There are planes - legends like English Spitfire, German or Polish Messersmith moose and dozens of other flying machines. Audiovisual tour of the exhibition are excerpts of interviews with białostockimi pilots and modellers from the Aero Club of Bialystok (fully available in Mediateka CLZ).
Partner of the exhibition is the Aero Club of Bialystok.

Flying drones and airplanes!
/modeling workshop
classes for groups
Time: 60 minutes
Price: 10 zł per person
max. 25 people
Age: 6-14 years

Come to CLZ and find out why the plane summer, after which his wings and what is right Bernoulli. Classes consist of two modules. First group with an instructor visits the exhibition "Awesome holidays". Participants will gain the basic information about aviation and its history. By the way, they learn about the basics of aerodynamics. In the practical part will face the difficult art of piloting drones. They would learn to build simple aircraft models with cardboard. The finale shows will be performed classes in the class model aircraft. Anyone can take home your model!

Models of airplanes - do it yourself
/modeling workshop
dates: 29th June, 1st and 3rd July 2015
activities for individuals
age group: 10+
time: 180 minutes (start at 10 am)
price: 15 zł per person
moderated by Boguslaw Niemczak - modeling instructor

If you want to expand your creativity and manual skills and establish valuable new knowledge - these classes are for you. The workshop is open to both those who are interested in model railroading, as well as those who have never had to deal with this discipline. We provide materials and tools necessary to perform aircraft models.

Flowers with history
/walk historical and natural
groups - by appointment
Individuals - on selected weekends
duration: 90 minutes
age: without limits
ticket: 6 zł per person

Białostocki Park Old serves the residents of the city of 118 years! But what do we really know him? He witnessed the major events of the century. Over the years, changing its shape and appearance. Once you could see here exotic agave or have a coffee in the cafe "Paradise". Now, in the heat of the day, we can cool your feet in the fountain or relax in the shade "Composition". Historical and nature walk organized by TBN is a journey in time, the game combined with learning about the history and natural attractions of the park, the theater and its surrounding area. Waiting for you photographic puzzles, detective task, theater and nature puzzles and quiz, that is - fun.

Relaxation Zone - Games and Play Room
duration: 60 minutes
price: 6 zł per person
age: 3-100 years

At your disposal are games of skill, eg. An array of fitness, Bulik, educational balls, beach, piegus, kulodrom, as well as educational games, including verifying memory and perceptiveness memory blocks in the traditional version and XXL and puzzles that represent Bialystok and key figures associated with it. In addition: drawing on the walls, theater, curved mirrors and much more.

Relaxation Zone - Media gallery CLZ
free entry

The Multimedia Laboratory Mediateka CLZ waiting for you hundreds of stories about Bialystok and Podlasie. Do you want to learn how our city looked like before the war, or learn about the traditions wedding in different denominations? Or maybe you want to look at the old workshop? Or listen to the stories of war Bialystoker taking part in the Warsaw Uprising? This all will discover in Mediateka TBN.

Quest monumental - outdoor game
/books of Quest issued during working hours CLZ
free entry

This is a unique outdoor game that reveals a story Bialystok unknown monuments, sculptures, figures and statues; the perfect way to explore the city, its secrets, the opportunity for fun for children and adults. The game can be played at any time. They can participate in Bialystok residents who want to check or deepen their knowledge of local history and art, as well as tourists who just begin exploring the city. And everyone has a chance of winning, that is ... the treasure!

VI birthday CLZ - effluent festival: airplanes, gliders, drones
19th July, 2015
at 10 am to 4 pm
free entry

This year CLZ turns 6 years! On this occasion we invite all to a common celebration. Especially for you we will develop wings as wide as possible, because "guests" special TBN Birthday this year will be all kinds of flying machines. Come and see what they can do drones. Try it for yourself this remarkable art of flying the aircraft. Learn how to look like planes in the past. Get behind the controls of a glider! Learn the basics of aerodynamics and learn to fold a real parachute. Build your own airplane and see how years. It will be a blast!
Permanent and temporary exhibitions

It's a great introduction to the history of the city. The multimedia exhibition "Bialystok young Zamenhof," brings us to the nineteenth century, in the middle of a multinational, rapidly developing city where he was born and spent the first dozen years of his life creator of Esperanto. This is complemented by the exhibition "Not immediately monument built ..." - full of unexpected discoveries attempts to commemorate the history of Ludwik Zamenhof of Bialystok. Another białostocki direction is "Bojary 2" - photographic stroll through one of the oldest and until recently most beautiful areas of the city, after which visitors give tours Bojarczyków voices themselves. Others look at the city allows installation on the terrace TBN, a reminder of the project "Because art is in us", in which participants looked for examples of spontaneous creativity, "street". What they found? See for yourself.

constant: 8 zł regular ticket, 4 zł reduced ticket
Time: 4 zł
guide in Polish: 8 zł
guide in English: 12 zł
Please book groups a week in advance.
On Sundays, free admission to the exhibition!
We accept Bialystok Charter and the Charter of Large Families Active Seniors
Detailed information and registration: 85 67 67 367